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CR2 is a proprietary type of RAW file Canon cameras use when taking digital pictures. It can store much more data than more common image formats. Such files might look dull when you open them for the first time, but only a handful of edits can bring out many more details and subtle shades than you’d get from an ordinary JPG.

Trouble is, the extra data stored in CR2 format takes up a lot of space, and such files aren’t suitable for use on websites or for sharing with friends who may not know how to open them. Transforming CR2 to JPG is in order in such situations, and Img Converter is the perfect tool to do it with.

Convert CR2 to JPG free with just a click or two

Online services like this one make it exceptionally easy to change CR2 to JPG without having to purchase expensive software or worry about your privacy. You get what you see, an intuitive interface and speedy results without any hidden restrictions or invasive forms to fill out.

This is just one of the many possible combinations, so feel free to experiment with different image types & conversion outcomes. The process is over in seconds and doesn’t depend on your computer’s hardware, so using the tool from older devices isn’t a hindrance.

How to convert CR2 to JPG in record time
Getting a JPG with Img Converter is almost as easy as pressing your camera’s shutter to take a picture. This is how it works:
step 1
Upload your file(s)
Find or drag the CR2 file you want to transform into JPG onto the designated area. It might be on your camera’s memory card or on a hard drive, but files stored on the cloud with Google Drive or Dropbox are accessible too.
step 2
Choose the JPG
Pick “to JPG” from a long list of possible conversion choices.
step 3
Download the converted file
Let the site work its magic for a second or two and download the converted JPG once it’s done.
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