make photo 4k: Goddess manasa, big , beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, red

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convert image to text ai - a woman in a red and gold costume sitting in a chair with her hands on her hips and her arms on her hips, by Raja Ravi Varma
convert image to text ai - a woman in a red and gold costume sitting in a chair with her hands on her hips and her arms on her hips, by Raja Ravi Varma
Query: Goddess manasa, big , beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, redNegative Prompt: ugly, tiling, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn feet, poorly drawn face, out of frame++++, extra limbs++++++, disfigured, deformed, body out of frame++++, blurry, bad anatomy, blurred, watermark, grainy, signature, cut off++++, draft, ugly face+++++, ugly body++++++, fat body+++++++, obese++++, unfit body+++++, disfigured(, eyes, face, lips, teeth,arms)+++++,not stockings+,not high heels+not space of+Image Size: 512x512Tiling: absentSampling techniques: Euler a
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AI Content Creator: a woman in a red and gold

Once upon a time, there lived a goddess named Manasa who ruled over snakes. She had long black hair and wore a stunning golden crown adorned with precious jewels. One day, she decided to take a break from her duties and relax by taking some pictures.

She sat down in a comfortable chair and looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were as deep as pools of water, and her lips were full and pouty. As she admired her reflection, she noticed something strange about it - her face seemed to be changing shape!

It wasn't just her features either; everything around her started shifting too. The room began to spin, and suddenly, she found herself transported to another world entirely. The new place was filled with lush greenery and colorful flowers.

There were no humans here, only animals like birds and butterflies flitting through the air. But what really caught her attention was the giant snake coiled up next to her. Its scales glittered in the sunlight, and its eyes burned with intelligence.

Manasa couldn't believe this was happening. Was she dreaming? Or was this all part of some elaborate prank?

Either way, she knew one thing for sure - she needed to get back home before anything else happened. So, she took out her phone and tried calling someone, anyone, but nobody answered. Just then, she heard a rustling sound behind her.

Turning around, she saw a group of people approaching. They were dressed in brightly colored clothes and carried baskets filled with fruits and vegetables. Their faces were painted with intricate designs, and they sang songs as they walked.

As they drew closer, Manasa realized these weren't ordinary people after all. These were gods and goddesses from other realms, come together to celebrate their shared love of nature. And right now, they wanted to know more about her.

So, Manasa told them about how she came from a different dimension where magic reigned supreme. How she loved to dance and sing, and how she always felt most alive when surrounded by beauty. In return, they told her stories of their own adventures, sharing tales of battles won and lost, of friendships formed and broken.

And so, they spent hours talking and laughing until finally, it was time for everyone to go their separate ways again. Before leaving, each person gave Manasa a gift - a flower, a feather, even a small stone carved into the shape of a heart. Each item held within itself a piece of their essence, a reminder of the connection they had made during their brief encounter.

As Manasa returned to her original reality, she felt changed somehow. No longer did she see things simply as they appeared on the surface. Instead, she understood that beneath every facade lay a deeper truth waiting to be discovered.

And perhaps, if we look closely enough, we can find our own connections to others, no matter how far apart we may seem.

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