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Adobe’s proprietary image format is a mainstay for general vector-based design. You’d also be hard-pressed to find a logo designer who doesn’t rely on it as a core part of their creative process. Being able to use vectors to scale the image from a stamp to a billboard while completely preserving the quality is a real boon, but the format has limits on other fronts.
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AI is great for print and physical media. However, it’s hard to work with for web-based or any other uses that require a set pixel resolution. Besides, the format isn’t universal so switching from AI to JPG before passing the file on to someone who might not know how to work with Adobe’s format is considerate.

Thanks to Img Converter, it only takes seconds to go through with the conversion. It’s a readily-available service you can access from anywhere, so the processing power of your device doesn’t play a role in the conversion. Pros and newcomers will find its interface equally straightforward. You don’t need to pay or sign up for anything and can take care of all your conversions from a single page.

How to convert AI to JPG using our converter
Simplicity is this converter’s main advantage. It takes only three steps to go through the AI to JPG process, and following them won't even take a minute. Here’s what to do:
étape 1
Déposez votre/vos fichier(s)
Locate the AI file whose format needs changing. It can be a locally stored file you access by dragging or through a file browser, but files you store on Dropbox or Google Drive work too.
étape 2
Choisissez le format JPG
Select “to JPG” from the list of choices. There are quite a few other ones you can experiment with if you’d like.
étape 3
Téléchargez le fichier converti
Give the site a moment to complete the conversion and then store the resulting JPG file where it’s most convenient for you.
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