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Even though it’s been around since the 80s, the TIFF format still has many uses. It’s great for when you want to scan multiple pages as a single file and are dealing with different kinds of graphics at the same time. TIFF has fallen out of fashion as a general-use document format however, since it’s been superseded by the newer and more versatile PDF.

PDF files can be smaller than TIFFs without degrading the images they contain. It’s also easier to search the right type of PDF as the metadata it is able to hold is more sophisticated. You may set up far more elaborate restrictions on a PDF file to ensure that only someone with the proper authority can view what’s inside. PDF standardization is better, so it’s more likely that your file will be accessible in the future if converted.

Convert TIFF to PDF free & without a hassle in seconds
Transforming TIFF to PDF isn’t rocket science – all you need is internet access & a browser, while Img Converter can handle the rest. The task takes little time to complete regardless of your device since tiff to PDF conversion is handled by the site. You may take advantage of the service without paying for anything or providing any personal information.
Here’s how to convert TIFF to PDF using Img Converter
Everything you need to know about online TIFF to PDF conversion can be summed up in three stages. Convenient, isn’t it? Here’s what you should do:
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Déposez votre/vos fichier(s)
Have the TIFF file at the ready. It can be one stored on your computer or on the cloud. Either select it or drag it onto the designated area
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Choisissez le format PDF
You’ll be presented with several format choices. Find “to PDF” and select it.
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Téléchargez le fichier converti
Let the service do its thing, which won't take too long. Download the completed file for later use.
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