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The site quickly converts and resizes the following image file extensions for free, using high-quality compression: PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, WEBP, BMP, SVG, EPS.
Image file converter handles multiple extensions

To convert almost any image into an alternative format, look no further than this image converter on this site. There’s no need to install yet another piece of software clogging up your computer for what could be a one-off task. Simply upload an image then pick the new format required – the file will be compressed in seconds and ready for immediate use online or in your favorite editing program.

This site is quick and easy to use, offering an efficient way to convert more than one image at once into alternative formats directly in your browser. Whatever the image file extension needed, the site carries out the conversion without delay and maintains the quality of the source material.

Whether you need to alter a file for editing, uploading or printing, our image converter got you covered. This site can process conversions between 8 common file extensions.

How to use image converter
It could not be simpler to run an image conversion using this site right in your browser. The site allows you to recompress numerous files in one task by uploading them as a batch, saving you time and effort rather than manually processing them one at a time.
step 1
Upload your image(s)
Choose files from your computer or other device, URL, Dropbox, Google Drive, or drag onto the page.
step 2
Choose format
Select the file type to convert your image into.
step 3
Download the file
After the conversion process has run you can save it onto your device.
Total conversion rate
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You have to convert and download any file to estimate the conversion!