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It often happens that a particular image file format turns out to be more suitable for a specific task than any other. For example, SVG (which stands for Scalable Vector Graphics) file format is extremely popular with web developers and everyone who deals with print graphics. SVG is well-loved because it allows scaling images infinitely without losing their quality (well, the very word ‘scalable’ implies it).

However, images like digital photos and web graphics most often are stored in Portable Network Graphic (PNG) format. Also, PNG format is great for presentations. This format allows for lossless compression similar to that of a .GIF file. Actually, PNG was developed as an enhanced open-source alternative of GIF.

As you see, both formats are good, but for different purposes. That’s why file converters like this one are so popular.

With this file converter, you will convert svg to png free
Lots of people use file converters – either applications or online resources - daily. The very fact that you are reading this web page means that you need a file converter at least from time to time. You can well purchase one – but why buy, download and install such an app, if this online service can do the same absolutely for free? With this file converter, you will convert svg to png or vice versa quickly and easily.
How to convert svg to png in only three steps
To convert a file instantly, just upload it to this online tool. Conveniently batch process several pdf files at once, instead of having to manually convert each eps into a png individually. Bookmark this page so you can return any time you require an image file conversion.
step 1
Upload the svg file(s)
Upload any number of svg files just like you regularly do either from your PC’s hard disk or Google Drive, or Dropbox.
step 2
Select “to png”
Specify the file format you’re going to convert your svg files into. If you want these files to be converted to png, select png from the list of available target formats. Click “Convert”. Now wait for a while for conversion to complete.
step 3
Download your file(s) in png format!
As soon as the conversion process is over, you can download your files converted from svg to png format.
Isn’t it really easy? Try this file conversion tool – you’ll surely love it! And please don’t forget to bookmark this page for the future.