Converting JPEG to PNG

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JPEG finds extensive use for storing stills and other such images. The algorithm behind it can compress an image with or without incurring a quality loss. JPEGs are standard as a space-saving format for digital photography. It is used extensively for images on the web too. Icons, text, and drawings aren’t suitable for JPEG compression.

Portable Network Graphic

PNG is essentially a form of storage that losslessly stores data from raster graphics using a deflation algorithm. The intent was for PNG to become a free GIF alternative. Three raster image types are supported – colour, colour-indexed, and greyscale images. All the graphical info data in a PNG image is compressed for easier storage.

Why Convert from JPEG to PNG?

JPEG images are known for their lossy compression that can reduce the quality of the image. When converted to PNG, you can maintain the quality of the image while still keeping file sizes relatively small. PNG files also offer transparency, which is great for graphic design projects.

What You Need to Know

When converting from JPEG to PNG, it's important to consider the potential increase in file size. PNG files are often larger than JPEG files, which can be problematic if you have limited storage space or bandwidth. Fortunately, many JPEG to PNG converters offer compression options to help reduce file size while still maintaining image quality.

How to Convert JPEG to PNG in 3 Easy Steps
step 1
Upload your JPEG image by clicking the "Choose File" button.
step 2
Wait for the conversion to complete. Depending on the size of your file, it may take a few moments.
step 3
Once the conversion is complete, click the "Download PNG" button to save the file to your device.
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