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Effortlessly Customize Your Photos On The Web

PSD Editor allows you to alter photos, apply filters & effects, crop & resize pictures, add text, and much more. Edit all your photos from your browser, free of charge!

Online Photo Editor

Experience Photoshop Online free of charge

Need a competent alternative to Photoshop online? Then you’ve found what you’re looking for! Do you want an alternative to editing images in photoshoot without fees or sketchy downloads? Give PSD Editor a try. It’s a new web-based alternative to Photoshop, so you don't have to install anything on your device. You may use it on a PC, iPad, Mac, or a smartphone as long as you have a stable connection to the internet.

Photoshop is the gold standard in the world of photo editing. It is used for everything from simple retouching to creating complicated graphic design and breathtaking art. There are many versions of it. Photoshop CS6 was the last offline version, while Photoshop CC is the current subscription-based solution. You’ll have to pay to use it unless you go for CS2’d free version. However, that version is more than 15 years old and has compatibility issues with modern operating systems.

An installation of Photoshop has hardware prerequisites. You have to make sure your graphics card, processor, memory, etc. all meet them. Switching to an online alternative means your device doesn’t have to meet nearly as many requirements. There are free macOS and Windows trial versions of Photoshop, but these last only seven days.

Any other supposedly free Photoshop downloads are illegal and unsafe. Using them will not only violate Adobe's terms of service, but it may also subject your computer to viruses or other threats.

You have to pay $20.99 each month or $239.88 annually to use Photoshop. That’s out of reach for many people, especially students and beginners. PSD Editor solves these problems by offering all of Photoshop’s premium features for free online, saving you money and hard drive space.

You’ll get used to PSD Editor in no time since its layout is similar to Photoshop’s. There’s no reason not to try out & enjoy PSD Editor on Mac or PC.

PSD Editor

PSD Editor is a web-based Adobe Photoshop alternative that can edit vector and raster graphics. You may use it for web design, to create illustrations, edit images, or convert between several formats. It works with many image formats like PNG, GIF, PDF, SVG, JPEG, but also PSD. Even though it runs in a browser, PSD Editor doesn’t use a server for data storage and saves everything locally instead.

PSD Editor works flawlessly with vector and raster graphics. You don’t have to pay anything to use its online editing capabilities. It will open and alter images in many proprietary formats like PSD for Adobe Photoshop. CDR for CorelDRAW, Sketch for SketchApp, XCF for GIMP, etc.

Going with PSD Editor for online photo editing is a fantastic choice for making alterations no matter your skill level. It's also the safest and most straightforward solution when you don't want to bother with other photo editing programs or are scared of using cracked software.

The best thing about PSD Editor is its HTML5-based interface. Unlike older, clunkier ones based on javascript, its interface is responsive and attractive. You don't have to install any programs or plugins to run it since the browser handles everything.

Experience it for yourself and feel the difference.


PSD Editor key features at a glance

There’s little Photoshop can do that PSD Editor can’t. Here’s a taste:

  • Supports all of Photoshop’s most frequently-used features
  • Filters and Effects: use a large assortment of tools to adjust the look and tone of an image
  • It’s completely free of charge. You’ll never need to pay anything to access it
  • Enhancement Tools: bring out the best in a photo with blemish & redeye removal, colour & light adjustment, and other retouching techniques
  • No downloads are required, saving you hard drive space and the hassle of installing yet another program
  • Remove Objects: selecting undesired objects and removing them from a photo is easy and quick
  • If you can run a modern browser, you can use PSD Editor
  • It's compatible with PCs, tablets, Macs, and Android devices
  • Transform Tools: make core adjustments to photos like resizing, cropping, rotating, reflecting, or applying perspective
  • You can use any browser to edit photos from wherever you like
  • Text tool: insert and modify lines of text as well as the font they’re using
  • Intuitive interface anyone can learn to navigate quickly
  • Cloud storage: a service designed to let you store projects online
  • Save & download the final image as PNG, PSD, JPG/JPEG, PDF, SVG, animated GIF, BMP, and more
  • Built-in Templates: Gain access to loads of premade templates to start your own designs off right
  • Make photos unique by adding text with fonts from your own library
  • Social Media Integration: optimized to work with the most popular social media and leverage its influence for growing your presence & brand
  • Support for the vast majority of the most frequently-used file formats
  • Import-Export Options: lets you import or export data in HTML, PNG, and PDF formats
  • PSD Editor uses a layer-based system, allowing for complex edits
  • Import project images from URLs
  • The Auto Select tool selects subjects automatically to speed up making alterations
  • Revision Control: This allows you to save multiple versions of the same project you can review or go back to if you make a mistake
  • Batch Editing: resize, crop, transform, and perform other edits to several images at once
  • Combine images or move objects from one onto another
  • Collaborative Editing: invite individuals or teams to make real-time changes to images and documents
  • Support for a whopping 39 languages
  • And much, much more

How do you use PSD Editor to edit photos?

Using the editor is simple whether you’re experienced or not. Here’s what to do:

  1. Turn your computer on and go online
  2. Open a browser and visit
  3. Go to the corner in the top left and choose "File"
  4. You may then start a new project, drag or upload an image from your PC or, type in an image URL
  5. You can now edit the image
  6. Take advantage of the tools on the top and to the left. Their layout is similar to that of Photoshop
  7. Once you're finished, you can save the file as PSD if you go to "File - Save As PSD." It's also possible to export it as PFD, GIF, JPEG, SVG, and more
  8. It's familiar if you've worked in a similar environment before and easy to pick up too

PSD Editor FAQ

What is PSD Editor?

It’s a sophisticated online tool for editing vector and raster graphics. It has many similarities to Adobe Photoshop and contains all of its functional features.

Is it the same as Photoshop?

PSD Editor is as close to Photoshop as you can get for free. It operates through your browser and emulates Photoshop’s photo editing capabilities as well as its interface.

Does Photoshop have a free version?

There are no officially supported free versions of Photoshop. Adobe's 7-day trial is the closest you'll get to it legally. You might have seen supposedly free Photoshop offerings online, but they are fake and possibly harmful.

Your best bet is to use PSD Editor since it’s a free alternative that aims to replicate Photoshop’s functionality as faithfully as possible.

What free Photoshop-like software is the best?

There’s no better free Photoshop software than PSD Editor.

Does PSD Editor cost me money?

PSD Editor offers free unlimited use. You don’t need to pay for anything.

Is PSD Editor legal?

PSD Editor isn’t associated with Adobe Photoshop in any way and is completely legal. It was developed using Javascript and doesn’t contain any proprietary code.

From what address can I get PSD Editor?

PSD Editor doesn’t require downloading, just a stable internet connection.

How can I open a PSD file?

The same way you would do it in any other program. Go to “File – Open” and choose which file to work with.

How can I save project files or images?

Once you’re done editing an image, go to “File – Export as” and select a format. You may then export it and save it on your computer.

How do I print from PSD Editor?

One way is to save an image as PNG or JPG and print it through an image viewer installed on your device. Another is to export the file to PDF (“File – Export As – PDF”) and select “rasterize all” before printing. Finally, you can pull up the print preview in Firefox or Chrome and print from there.

How do I choose a different language for PSD Editor tools?

You can find 39 language choices by selecting “More – Language” from the top menu. English is the default language, but changing to any of the others is instantaneous. You can also add your own translations if your language isn’t represented yet. For example, if you want the interface to be in Italian, select “More – Language – Italiano”.

In closing

Thank you very much for visiting the site! We hope that you found the description we put together above helpful and will start using PSD Editor as your go-to alternative for Photoshop online. Please continue to visit the site, and don't forget to check for news and the latest updates every so often.