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PDF documents are the go-to option for presenting text, images, and graphics in a secure and professional manner. They’re orderly and harder to tamper with than other formats, which ensures that only the intended recipient can open one and be confident in its integrity. On the other hand, that makes it hard to extract or alter images embedded into such a file.

Changing PDF to TIFF is your best bet if you want to preserve the quality of the end result. A TIFF is much easier to edit with programs like Photoshop, and it remains as crisp and sharp as it was at the time of creation no matter how many alterations you make.

Convert PDF to TIFF free without suspicious downloads or hidden fees

Img Converter’s PDF to TIFF option lets you retain a document’s clarity while making it easy to extract images out of it. The process is simple, thanks to an appealing interface you’ll get to grips with in seconds. You may resize the resulting file or work on two at a time for even more convenience.

Everything happens on Img Converter’s main page. You won't be asked to fill forms out or download anything. The service is free for everyone.

How to convert PDF to TIFF using nothing but your browser
Anyone who can handle a mouse can also use Img converter in a matter of seconds. Here’s all you need to know to get started in three simple steps:
step 1
Upload your file(s)
Drag the PDF onto the highlighted area or locate it using a dialog box. It doesn’t matter if you store the document locally or through services like Dropbox and Google Drive.
step 2
Choose the TIFF
A dropdown menu containing a wide array of formats will appear when the upload is done. Choose “to TIFF” from it and start converting
step 3
Download the converted file
Your TIFF file will be ready in a short while. Save it to your device as usual when the conversion is finished
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