A handy png to jpg converter will make your life easier

Do you often have to convert image files from one format into another? If yes, you probably have tried a number of file converters, which are plentiful on the Web. But not all of them are created equal: sometimes their performance leaves much to desire… but not that of this one!

This online tool will help you quickly and easily turn .png files into .jpg ones. With this image converter, you will never have any problems with converting files from png to jpg.

Convert png to jpg free of charge
Thousands of people choose this great image file converting tool, because it is efficient, absolutely free, and extremely easy to use. The entire process of conversion takes only a few seconds!
How to convert png to jpg using this tool?
Using this image converter is as easy as ABC! Take just three simple steps – and you’re done. Here they are:
step 1
Upload the initial file(s)
Upload your files in png format. - either one file or multiple files at the same time. You can upload files to the web page either from the hard drive of your PC, or directly from Google Drive or Dropbox. You can provide a link to the file or simply drag & drop it – actually, in the same way as you upload files to any other resource.
step 2
Specify the target format
From the menu where all available file formats are stated, you should choose the one you need to convert your files to, i.e. in your case, it’s .jpg. Then, press ‘Convert’ and wait for a while.
step 3
Download the newly created .jpg file
The conversion process takes some time. But don’t worry: it won’t take long – just a few seconds at the most. When it’s completed, your jpg file can be downloaded from the page. Download your jpg file. You’re done!
It’s all as simple as that. Did you like it? If yes, bookmark the link to this awesome png to jpg converter to have it at hand whenever you need it. As you have noticed, you can use it not just for converting png to jpg, but also to any other format present in the menu.