Do you often have a need for a reliable jpg to png converter?

If yes, you probably have tried numerous image converters but aren’t quite satisfied with their performance – just because you are still looking for new ones. But if you are reading this page (surely you are), your search for a perfect image file converting tool is over. With our easy-to-use FREE jpg to png converter, you’ll get rid of all problems with converting GPG files to PNG format for good!
Well, how to instantly convert JPG to PNG free of charge?
Nothing is easier with this efficient and extremely handy image converter. Make these three simple steps - and your file format will be changed to PNG.
step 1
Upload your file or files
Well, to convert a file from one format into another, you quite predictably should upload it first. Upload your file or files from your computer to this resource. Also, you can upload them directly from Dropbox or Google Drive. The process of uploading files is quite straightforward and needs no additional instructions. Most likely, you have already done such an operation thousands of times at hundreds of resources. Simply drag and drop the file to the page, or provide a link to it.
step 2
Select the format to convert your file(s) to
The next step is choosing the format you want to convert your jpg file or files into. Select the desirable format (say, PNG). Please double-check that you selected the right format out of the list. Press ‘Convert’. You’re almost done.
step 3
Now wait for a while, please - the process of conversion will take some time (not too long, though). So, wait quite a bit - and voila! Your file is successfully converted into PNG format. The only thing left for you to do is download your newly-created PNG file.
We are sure that you’ll like our image converter a lot. It is so user-friendly that after trying this tool once, you’ll be using it every time you have a file to convert!