A perfect jpg to webp converter

Does your work often includes converting files from one format to another – e.g. from jpg to webp? It will be as easy as a piece of cake, if you make use of our extremely handy jpg to webp converter! Upload any number of files at a time and convert them almost instantly into a large number of formats.
Convert jpg to webp free
Not only this image converter is extraordinarily user-friendly, it’s also totally free! What is more, it’s an online tool, so you needn’t download it and install onto your PC. Just bookmark the web page if you often have to convert files from jpg to webp, so that you will find the page when you need it again.
Here’s how to convert jpg to webp: it can’t be easier!
Only three effortless steps – and your jpg files will change into webp. See how easy it is done:
step 1
Select and upload files
The whole process is pretty straightforward. It’s easy to guess that if you want to convert files jpg to webp using an online tool, you should first upload the files there. You can upload file (or files) in jpg format from the hard drive of your PC in the same way you usually do it. Also, you can upload files stored at Dropbox or Google Drive directly from these resources. Just provide a link to a file or drag and drop it to the web page.
step 2
Choose the target format (i.e. webp)
Now that all the files are uploaded, you should specify what format you want to convert your them into. Since you are converting jpg to webp, select webp from the list of options. If you wish to convert your files into some other format, choose it, if it is present in the list.
step 3
Get your webp files
Now please wait for a little while: the process of conversion takes some time. Once it is complete, you are welcome to download your file or files in webp format.
As you see, this online file conversion tool is quite easy-to-use. So, its web page is well worth bookmarking, so that each time you need to convert jpg to webp, you have a great converter at hand.