Converting PDF to SVG

Portable Document Format

Adobe designed PDF as an improved format for electronic documents based on the PostScript languages they developed in the 80s. It comes with an official document viewer program known as Adobe Reader. PDF files are comprised chiefly of text but can feature vector or raster graphics, Javascript scripts, text forms, and several other item types.

Scalable Vector Graphics

SVG was created to describe the relations between mixed vector & raster graphics and 2D vector graphics for use in XML. It was developed by the W3C and features support for declarative scripting as well as interactive and animated graphics. 3D object descriptions aren’t supported, however. It was created on the foundation of several markup languages, including PGML and VML.

PDF to SVG Online Converter - Get Your PDFs Ready for the Web and Design

Are you looking for a way to convert your PDFs to scalable vector graphics (SVG) format? Look no further than our PDF to SVG online converter. With just a few clicks, you can easily transform your PDFs into the versatile and scalable SVG format, perfect for use on the web or in vector-based design applications. No software to download, no technical skills required. Our online converter is fast and easy to use, so you can get your PDFs into SVG format in no time.
Scalable and Versatile, Perfect for the Web and Design
The SVG format is a powerful and versatile format, perfect for use on the web and in vector-based design applications. With our PDF to SVG online converter, you can take your PDFs and transform them into scalable and versatile SVGs, ready to be used in your next project. Whether you're a graphic designer, web developer, or just looking to create eye-catching graphics, our online converter is the perfect solution for you.
How to Convert PDF to SVG in 3 Steps
step 1
Upload your PDF file:
Select the PDF file you want to convert and click "Upload".
step 2
Choose SVG as your output format:
In the drop-down menu, select SVG as your desired output format.
step 3
Hit "Convert":
Once you've selected SVG as your output format, click "Convert" to start the process. It's that easy!
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With our PDF to SVG online converter, you can quickly and easily transform your PDFs into the scalable and versatile SVG format in just a few clicks. No technical skills required, no software to download. So why wait? Try our PDF to SVG online converter today and start creating amazing graphics!