Converting JPG to ICO

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Along with PNG, JPG is among the most popular and widespread image formats on the web. It’s compact and takes up little space, works well with web pages, and any modern device or operating system can open it without special preparation. It’s also a widespread photo format that retains less information than RAW but isn’t murder on your SD card.

Who hasn’t stumbled upon or made a cute photo and wanted to turn it into a custom Windows icon? The bad news is that you can’t use such files directly. Luckily, JPG to ICO conversion is a straightforward affair.

Convert JPG to ICO free and make your desktop unique!

Windows uses the ICO format for its icons since it can contain data on several image color palettes and sizes. Such data isn’t contained in ordinary JPG files. Adding it through conversion is a snap, though, especially if you use Img Converter to make an ICO file.

You’ll quickly get your bearings as you enter the homepage since the layout is easy to understand. Following a simple set of instructions will ensure that the JPG to ICO conversion goes smoothly, and you’ll have your file shortly. Best of all, you can do so by never leaving the page, signing up for anything, or downloading software onto your computer.

How to convert JPG to ICO without breaking a sweat
We’ve made sure that anyone can use the site effectively regardless of their computer knowledge. The whole thing is so simple from start to finish that you only need to do three things:
step 1
Upload your file(s)
Find the JPG that’s to become an icon. You don’t need to have it on your PC since Dropbox or similar storage services are also supported.
step 2
Choose the ICO
Select “to ICO” once prompted to set a file format.
step 3
Download the converted file
Wait for the conversion to complete and download the ICO file.
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