Converting TIFF to JPG

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Despite being ancient by computing standards, TIFF remains the format of choice for several uses. It’s fantastic for when you need to create physical copies of digital artwork and don’t want to lose out on quality no matter how large the print. A TIFF file stores lots of information on its contents and doesn’t degrade if you edit or copy it.

Unfortunately for TIFF, it doesn’t do so well when the web is involved. Large sizes make it impractical for web publishing or sharing with others directly. That’s where TIFF to JPG conversion can help, and there’s no better way to handle one than with Img Converter.

Convert TIFF to JPG free of charge with this simple tool

JPG might not retain as much information as TIFF, but it’s the format to use for web pages and quick sharing with any device. You can turn a TIFF to JPG without batting an eye and knowing next to nothing about computers through our intuitive service. It’s sleek, easy to understand, and as effective as any software you’d have to install locally.

The conversion is safe and completely free. You don’t even need to leave a sign-up email or divulge personal information. Better yet, getting the converted file takes the same amount of time regardless of computer specs, so using the site is as effective on your slow office PC as it is on your gaming rig.

How to convert TIFF to JPG ASAP
Getting to the Img Converter page means you’re already almost done. From there, you have only three things to do in this order:
step 1
Upload your file(s)
Tell the site where your TIFF file can be found. Dragging the file directly works too, as does importing it from the cloud through Google Drive or Dropbox
step 2
Choose the JPG
Click on “to JPG” once the upload is complete. Several other options are available if you need them.
step 3
Download the converted file
Wait a moment for the conversion to wrap up and save the file you get at your leisure.
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